Graduation Services

No Graduation meeting
 January 16th, 2018

Each year CTC holds a graduation ceremony for homeschooled students in which parents present the graduation diploma. If you are interested in participating in the 2018 graduation ceremony please plan to attend our first graduation meeting on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, at 6:30 pm.

Participation Requirements
Graduation meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm (excluding December, January, and March). At least one parent and the graduating senior must attend these meetings to help decide and vote on certain program elements such as colors, announcements, speakers, etc.

Each family must serve on one of the following graduation sub-committees.

  Program Committee
  Reception Committee
  Service Committee
  Set-Up/Clean-Up Committee
  Other committees as needed


Program elements are discussed and approved at the monthly graduation meetings and all associated expenditures are divided evenly among participating families. Typically this includes:

Provided Ceremony Elements (detailed list available at the first meeting) - $160-$200
Cap and Gown (required) - $35-40
Announcements (optional) - Cost varies

Any other costs are approved by the majority of participating families and may result in additional payments.

Families interested in participating need to register their student by November 30, 2017, and pay the initial $75 deposit.  For families who register between December 1, 2017, and February 28, 2018, there is a $25 late registration fee added.  Students registering after February 28  will be charged a $50 late registration fee.

One of the much-loved attributes of our graduation is our video. Recording of the audio portion begins in January and parents are asked to prepare a one-minute speech. In addition, parents are asked to submit five, high quality digital pictures for the video.

2017-2018 Meeting Dates: 
*all meetings held at 6:30 in the CTC lunchroom
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Tuesday, January, 16, 2018-Canceled
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
2018 Graduation Application Form.docx
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FAQs ยป Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does CTC present the students with a graduation diploma?
No. CTC facilitates a graduation ceremony for homeschooled students. The diploma is presented by the parents, not CTC.

2. Does CTC keep records and transcripts of student's grades?
No. CTC offers tutoring classes as needed by our families but is not designed as a complete high school program.

3. Are the students graduating from CTC?
No. The diploma is from the parents.

4. Will CTC's name appear on the diploma?
No. Our corporate name cannot appear on graduation certificates, programs, memory books, videos or other materials developed by the graduation families.

5. Who can participate in the graduation ceremony?
Students do not have to attend classes at CTC. Applications are approved by the CTC Board of Directors.

6. Are the families required to attend monthly meetings?
Yes. At least one family member is required to attend at least 3 monthly meetings.

7. Why are families required to attend scheduled meetings?
All voting is done at monthly meetings, information is distributed, deadlines discussed, committees meet and all other graduation business is accomplished during the scheduled meetings.

8. What are the family's responsibilities?
Attend meetings, serve on graduation committees, stay updated on details, and meet all necessary deadlines.

9. What are other meetings required?
Families must attend the graduation practice session. Traditionally scheduled the day before graduation.

10. What are the required dress elements?
All participants must dress modestly and wear a cap and gown.

11. What will graduation cost?
From about $160 to as much as $265. This cost will depend on the number of graduates participating and what the families decide to do.

12. What does the fee include?
Facility rental, reception (cookies and punch), photograph of graduating class, diploma, video or DVD production (ceremony and progression pictorial with audio from parents) and program printing.

13. What is not included in the fee?
Cost of cap and gown, announcements, additional photographs, and additional graduation items such as t-shirts, class rings, etc.

14. Is there a late fee charged when a family decides to participate later in the year?
Yes. For families who sign up between November 30 and February 28, there is a $25 registration fee. After February 28, there is a $50 late fee.

15. Are announcements included in the fee?
No. Each family is responsible for ordering the number of announcements they need.

17. Can graduates order class rings, t-shirts, and other graduation merchandise?
Yes. Each family will place an order from Jostens which can include these items. All of these items are optional.

18. Who should you contact if you want to participate in the graduation ceremony?
If you wish to attend, please call 918.664.9527 or email [email protected]